One Village Project - Martuni

Achievements of Martuni Community Development Program for 2015-2017 were presented during the opening ceremony that took place on 16th of November, 2017. The event was attended by the project implementers: Armenian Missionary Association of America, Development Principals NGO, COAF, WCC Armenian Round Table Foundation, World Vision, Teach for Armenia Foundation, Shen NGO, as well as representatives from Community and Marz Administrations. Families and public institutions of the community have already access to twenty-four-hour drinking water supply. Consumer Cooperative successfully operates in the community. 13 families of the village have received cows and later the calves will be transferred to other families of the community. The village school has computer classroom and robotics workshop lessons. The village is also provided with well equipped medical aid station. Guests and community members participated in the opening ceremony of the kindergarten, which has been reconstructed and furnished by Shen France.