Hands-on seminar on Wild Plants and Herbs Collection Skills for 3 cooperatives from Gegharkunik Marz

On 16.03.2018, within the framework of the "Integrated Support for Sustainable Economic Development in Rural Mountainous Areas of Armenia" project, a training/seminar on "Brief Description of 10 Most Common Plants for Wild Collection" was held in Areguni Community of Vardenis Region of Gegharkunik Region. 23 participants from Geghamasar, Areguni and Pambak communities of Gegharkunik province were present. During the practical training the activities of "Antaram Productional Cooperative" company was also presented, the specific varieties of company’s interest as well as some of the wild harvesting techniques. Participants got acquainted with the "Wild Collection" information manual published by Shen NGO with the support of the European Union, upon which each of them received one copy of the manual.

At the end of the seminar, a Q&A session took place on the schedule of harvesting of some medicinal herbs, drying technology, appropriate tools, and procurement prices.