Study visits to Gargar, Gyulagarak and Odzun villages of Lori Marz

09-10 July 2019, in the frame of EU funded project «Integrated Support for Sustainable Economic Development in Rural Mountainous Areas of Armenia» 12 members of beneficiary cooperatives visited Gargar, Gyulagarak and Odzun villages of Lori Marz. Participants had the opportunity to see the cultivation, storage and sale of non-traditional crops: broccoli, fruit and strawberry fezalis, root celery, anisone, leek, and kohlrabi, etc... In Gyulagarak village, participants had the opportunity to get acquainted with the process of harvesting and processing of local wild fruits and berries. A variety of alcoholic drinks and syrups are made from wild fruits, berries and cones, which are sold both in Armenia and abroad. In Odzun village, the participants met the founder and owner of "HAM LLC", Armen Mehrabyan. Participants were acquainted with wild collection, storage, drying and laboratory testing processes. They received answers to all their questions and proposals for beneficial cooperation in future.