The Causes of bee decline recently, necessary measures to prevent the decline

Shirak region beekeepers, particularly from Meghrashen community, expressed their concerns about the decline of bees recently and desire, with the support of Shen NGO, to organize a training course on this issue. Davit Nersisyan , Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Associate Professor, and an experienced beekeeper Tovmas Tovmasyan were invited by Shen to conduct the seminar. The course will consist of 4 training courses.On August 30, 2020, the first seminar was held on "Causes of bee decline recently, necessary measures to prevent the decline" for the beneficiary Meghrashen and Meghrashat communities of Shirak region.14 beekeepers participated in the training in Meghrashat and 16 in Meghrashen. During the seminar, the trainer was speaking about the reasons for the mass decline of bees, and then, presented the possible causes and the measures taken to slow down the decline of bee colonies. Meghrashen and Meghrashat beekeepers were well aware of the problems and taking an active participation in the discussion, presenting their private experience and own concerns of the decline of bee colonies. It is planned to have two more meetings in September and one in October.