10.400 trees planted

Thanks to the generous sponsors of A Tree For You, "Shen" NGO plants a 5 ha mixed forest in the lands of Dzoraglukh village of Aragatsotn Province, Armenia.

The first phase of the project was completed in 2021 and 10.400 trees are already planted on the 2 ha of the above-mentioned 5 ha. On the previously prepared soil, we planted saplings of such species as oak, pine, high mountain maple, birch, oriental apple, and Caucasian pear. Taking into consideration that shrubs are very important for the biodiversity of the forest, we have also planted yellow acacia and cranberry bushes.

No forest is planted without challenges

A newly planted forest has two enemies: dry weather and grazing animals. That is why from the very beginning we started eliminating these obstacles together with the community.

To fight the dry weather, we chose the groove planting method that allows us to keep the water from the precipitation as close as possible to the tree roots. At the same time,

taking into consideration the absence of precipitation in this location during the summer months, we built about an 800 m waterline. We plan to irrigate the saplings for the coming 5-6 years until they are mature enough to retain moisture.

To protect the young forest from grazing animals we erected a fence together with the villagers. It was very important, as in the neighboring lands of the forest, there are pastures, and without the fence, it would be impossible to protect the saplings from animals.

The community is actively engaged

Implementing a project Shen NGO emphasizes the willingness of the community to be engaged. Different groups of 277 villagers of Dzoraglukh actively participate in the activities of reforestation. For 11 of them, we have even created short-term jobs.

People are excited about the creation of the forest. They are sure that this newly planted forest will

prevent soil erosion because it affects their nearby lands. The forest will also contribute to the conservation of biodiversity. And the villagers will benefit from the harvest of fruit trees and shrubs.

There are still two phases ahead, at the end of which Dzoraglukh will have a 5 ha forest with 26.000 trees planted. Thank you to all those who donate to A Tree for You and make afforestation possible.