Title Location Year Sponsor
Promotion of Organic Agriculture 2007 EPER
Rehabilitation of the bordering village 2007 KASA, Shen France
Support to the primary health care Nerkin Bazmaberd, Aragatsotn Province 2007 KASA, Shen France
Education and Ecology Five marzes of Armenia 2007 EPER
Creation of community centers Torfavan, Norakert, Gegharqunik Province 2007 ICCO
Peach orchard development on small private land plots Mets Ayrum, Lori Province 2007 KASA
Strategic development program of Ttujur Community Ttujur, Gegharqunik Province Yalkezian Foundation
Improvement of Livelihood of Rural Households in Vayots Dzor and Gegharkunik Marzes Through Development of Horticulture, joint project with Syunik Development NGO 8 rural communities in the Vardenis subregion HEKS/EPER
Pilot Project: Promotion of Agricultural Cooperative in Koti Cluster, Tavush marz Tavush Province Audemars Piguet Foundation (Switzerland)
Promoting Inclusive Horticultural Value Chains in Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Moldova 10 rural communities in different regions of Armenia IFAD
Strategic development program of Shaghat Community Chaghat Yalkezian Foundation
Strategic development program of Martuni Community Martuni, Gegharqunik Province Armenian Missionary Association of America, Children of Armenia Fund, WV Armenia, Development Priciples NGO, Fund for Armenian Relief and Chen France
Expansion of Organic Fruit Production Through Upgrading the Organic Orchard Management and Streamlining Horticulturist Farmers into Organic Agriculture Cooperative 12 rural communities of Armavir and Aragatsotn Marz EU / Austrian Development Agency
Establishment of Organic Agriculture Training Centre Akounk UNDP/GEF, Brot für die Welt, Chene France, Rhône-Alpes Region
Construction of school playground Jrarat, Shirak Province, Shirak Province