Title Location Year Sponsor
Establishment of computer centre Akunk, Kotayk Province, 2014 Orange/Armenia
Establishment of a nursery and 1 ha of forest Lusagyugh, Aragatsotn Province, 2014 ECO Consult Germany
Implemeting the "Spectacles for Armenia" project Vardenis Town, Gegharqunik Province 2014 HEKS/EPER
Establishment of computer centre Nerkin Bazmaberd, Aragatsotn Province 2014 Orange/Armenia
Cultivating a forest-park in Shirak Diocese 2014 BfdW
Renovation of the school gym Tatul, Aragatsotn Province 2014 Orange/Armenia
Establishment of computer centre 2014 Orange/Armenia
Construction of irrigation pipeline Baghanis, Tavush Province 2014 Yalkezian Foundation
"Back to the Nature" organising a summer camp for children from vulnerable families 2014 BfdW
Establishment of computer centre Voskepar, Tavush Province 2014 Orange/Armenia
Founding an experimental demo learning center for organic agriculture 2014 BfdW
Establishment of computer centre Zorakan, Tavush Province 2014 Orange/Armenia
Cultivating a forest-nursery Jraber, Kotayk Province 2014 BfdW
Reconstruction and fencing of the football field Paravaqar, Tavush Province 2014 Orange Foundation
High value horticulture promotion project 2014 Yalkezian Foundation