Title Location Year Sponsor
Development of community strategic development three - year plan Paravaqar, Tavush Province 2014 BfdW
Horticulture development support project Karchaghbyur, Gegharqunik Province, Akunk, Kotayk Province, Khachaghbyur, Gegharqunik Province, Tsovak, Gegharqunik Province, Shatjrek, Gegharqunik Province, Lusakunk, Gegharqunik Province, 2014 HEKS/EPER
Establishment of computer centre Khndzorut, Vayots Dzor Province 2014 Orange/Armenia
Elaboration of three-year strategic community development programs Ttujur, Gegharqunik Province 2014 BfdW
Furnishing the village events hall Hartavan, Aragatsotn Province 2014 BfdW
Elaboration of three-year strategic community development projects Shaghat, Shaki, Angeghakot, Syunik Province 2014 BfdW
Establishment of computer centre Bnunis, Syunik Province 2014 Orange/Armenia
Establishing Hartavan Kat, a dairy consumer cooperative Hartavan, Aragatsotn Province 2014 Orange Foundation
Renovation of the kindergarten Ashotavan, Syunik Province, 2014 Orange/Armenia
Establishment of computer centre Antaramut, Lori Province 2013 Orange/Armenia
Establishing of demonstrative educational center of organic agriculture 2013 UNDP/UNOPS
"Glasses for Armenia" project 26 villages, Vayots Dzor Province 2013 UMAF-Paris
Establishment of computer centre Spandaryan, Shirak Province 2013 Orange/Armenia
Construction of forest internal irrigation water system in the scope of "Restoration of degraded forest lands through implementation of sustainable forestry practices in Chambarak community of Gegharkunik region" project Chambarak Town, Gegharqunik Province 2013
Households income generation project through horticulture development 6 villages, Gegharqunik Province 2013 HEKS/EPER