Title Location Year Sponsor
Cooperative capacity building 2015 BfdW, CHENE France
Drinking water pipeline reconstruction Antaramej, Gegharqunik Province 2015 Menez Ararat
Establishment of computer centre Nerkin Bazmaberd, Aragatsotn Province 2014 Orange/Armenia
Cultivating a forest-park in Shirak Diocese 2014 BfdW
Renovation of the school gym Tatul, Aragatsotn Province 2014 Orange/Armenia
Establishment of computer centre 2014 Orange/Armenia
Construction of irrigation pipeline Baghanis, Tavush Province 2014 Yalkezian Foundation
"Back to the Nature" organising a summer camp for children from vulnerable families 2014 BfdW
Establishment of computer centre Voskepar, Tavush Province 2014 Orange/Armenia
Founding an experimental demo learning center for organic agriculture 2014 BfdW
Establishment of computer centre Zorakan, Tavush Province 2014 Orange/Armenia
Cultivating a forest-nursery Jraber, Kotayk Province 2014 BfdW
Reconstruction and fencing of the football field Paravaqar, Tavush Province 2014 Orange Foundation
High value horticulture promotion project 2014 Yalkezian Foundation
Development of community strategic development three - year plan Paravaqar, Tavush Province 2014 BfdW