Ongoing Projects

Completed Projects

Project Location Year Sponsor
Establihment of consumer cooperative Koti, Tavush 2017 International Fund for Agriculture Development
Reconstruction of drinking water network 2017 Fondation Yalkezian
Reconstruction of school Martuni, Gegharkunik 2017 Chene France
Reconstruction of kindergarten Argina, Armavir 2017 Bread for the World, Hrayr Hrachian
Integrated development Program of Ttujur village of Gegharkunik marz 2017 Yalkezian Foundation
Reconstruction and furnishing of kindergarten Martuni, Gegharkunik 2017 Chene France
Hiking Trail: Goshavank-Gosh lake, Chermakavank-Khachardzan Gosh, Khachardzan, Tavush 2017 The Yalkezian Foundation
Reconstruction of football field 2017 Fondation Yalkezian
Improvement of Livelihood of Rural Households in Vayots Dzor and Gegharkunik Marzes Through Development of Horticulture, joint project with Syunik Development NGO Vardenis, Gegharkunik 2017 HEKS-EPER
Summer camp for children from needy families 2017 Chene France
Rehabilitation of Lernavan village irrigation water internal network Lernavan, Lori 2017 The Yalkezian Foundation
Reconstruction of medical aid station 2017 Yalkezian Foundation
Renovation of drinking water catchment ponds 2016 Yalkezian Foundation
Ophthalmologic assistance to school-age children in 24 communities of Sisian subregion 2016 UMAF-Paris
Provision of eyeglasses by French ophthalmologists to elderly residents of 24 communities in Sisian subregion 2016 UMAF
Construction of drinking water pipeline 2016 BfdW
Drinking water system construction 2016 Chene-France
Organizing " Back to Nature" summer camp in the village of Yeghnajur for the children from derived families 2016 BfdW
Improving street lighting of the community 2016 BfdW
Fencing of 33 hectares newly planted forest 2016

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