10.400 trees planted
Thanks to the generous sponsors of A Tree For You, "Shen" NGO plants a 5 ha mixed forest in the lands of Dzoraglukh village of Aragatsotn Provin c e, Armenia. The first phase of the project was completed in...Read more
Fall maintenance of orchards
"Fall Maintenance of Orchards" theoretical training/consultation took place within the framework of the "Horticulture Market Development Project (HMDP) in Vayots Dzor and Gegharkunik Marzes of Armenia"...Read more
Arm Prod Expo-2021
The annual specialized exhibition Arm Prod Expo-2021 took place on October 15-17. The exhibition aims to present agricultural production, opportunities for processing of agricultural raw materials, as well as...Read more
Mutual Visits to Fruit-Drying Farms
Funded by HEKS-EPER (Switzerland), the Horticulture Market Development Project (HMDP) in Vayots Dzor and Gegharkunik Marzes of Armenia is implemented jointly by Shen and Syunik-Development NGOs. These two...Read more
Practical Training on Intensive Horticulture in Vardenis
In the frames of Horticulture Market Development Project (HMDP) in Vayots Dzor and Gegharkunik Marzes of Armenia, which is funded by HEKS-EPER (Switzerland), Shen NGO has organized a practical training on...Read more
Diaspora Youth for Armenia
Today Armenia needs the Diaspora more than ever before. The two disasters from 2020, the pandemic and the war, had a devastating effect, especially on rural communities. Human losses, deteriorating economic...Read more
Strengthening Shenavan
Like many communities in Armenia, the Shenavan community on the southern slope of the Bazum mountain range in the Lori region has many problems. But the important thing is that the community leadership and the...Read more
New cooperation: Shen - AYO
This year, the French "AYO" (Armenian Youth Organization) decided to support one of Shen's projects. The renovation of the kindergarten of Shenavan community of Lori region was carried out with the funds...Read more
Job Announcement - Public Relations/Communication Specialist
TITLE: Public Relations/Communication Specialist TERM: Part-time, 20 hours a week, partly remote OPEN TO/ ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA: All candidates meeting the required qualifications. JOB DESCRIPTION: Shen NGO is...Read more
Tree-planting in Chambarak
On April 25, in Chambarak community of Gegharkunik marz, tree-planting works continued in an area close to the existing forest. With an active participation of the community, 3000 birch trees and oaks were...Read more