Presentation of the SGP 2021-2022 in Gegharkunik region and training on how to complete the package

On February 19, Shen organized a meeting for participants who wishing to apply small grants.During the meeting were presented all preconditions and requirements the procedures for participation in the grant program. In addition, the grant participants had many questions when completing the necessary business plan. The participants presented their questions, to which were provided exhaustive and concise answers. 25 from Gegharkunik region participated in the meeting. Small Grants Competition 2021-2022 is launched within the framework of "Horticulture Market Development Project in GK and VD" program. Grants are provided to the following areas of horticulture: fruit processing: production of dried fruits, preparation of juices and canned food, post-harvest maintenance: cold-storage units, harvesting centers, etc. This year 4-5 grants will be provided in Gegharkunik marz depending on the amount requested.