Renovation of Community Library and the Village Council’s Office

Renovation of Community Library and the Village Council Office

Social development
Dovegh, Tavush

Dovegh is located in the northeast of Tavush marz. It is part of Noyemberyan enlarged community. The total number of households is 150. Dovegh has a registered population of 690, but the de facto population is 530. 

The village has a community center, which houses the Council's office, the community library, the first aid post, and the art studio. These facilities are in dire need of repair and furnishing. The community is ready to co-finance the projects. 

The Yalkezian Foundation funds the renovation of the community library and the council's office, and the works will be finished by the end of 2022.

Project Duration
2022 - 2022
The Yalkezian Foundation

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