Ongoing Projects

Completed Projects

Project Location Year Sponsor
Construction and equipping the sports gym and a dancing hall Shenavan, Lori 2022 Armenian Youth Organisation
Sports Equipment for Wrestling Gym Sarnaghbyur, Shirak 2022 The Yalkezian Foundation
Horticulture development project in Gegharkunik and Vayots Dzor marzes of Armenia Gegharkunik , Vayots Dzor 2022 HEKS-EPER
Renovation and furnishing of a kindergarten in Shenavan village of Lori marz Shenavan, Lori 2022 Armenian Youth Organisation
Drinking water to Geghamabak Geghamabak, Gegharkunik 2022 The Yalkezian Foundation
Rehabilitation of Ptghavan village kindergarten Ptghavan, Tavush 2022 Chene France
Capacity building of the Navur agricultural cooperative Navur, Tavush 2022 Fund for Armenian Relief, Armenian Missionary Association of America, Chene France
Socio-Economic Assistance for forcibly displaced people of Nagorno-Karabakh 2020 war Rural communities of Armenia, 2022 Bread for the World
Development of inclusive rural cooperatives, improvement of infrastructure, and capacity building of community-based organizations Aragatsotn , Lori , Tavush , Shirak , Gegharkunik , Syunik , Vayots Dzor , Kotayk , Baghramyan, Armavir 2022 Bread for the World
Horticulture Market Development Project (HMDP) in Vayots Dzor and Gegharkunik Marzes of Armenia Vayots Dzor , Gegharkunik 2022 HEKS-EPER
Fodder production and pasture improvement as a COVID-19 response measure Shirak , Tavush , Lori 2022 GIZ
Bottleneck analysis of agrilogistics in Shirak, Tavush, and Lori marzes of Northern Armenia Shirak , Tavush , Lori 2022 The Embassy of the Netherlands
Construction of irrigation water pipeline for Chinari seedling cooperative Chinari, Tavush 2021 Bread for the World
Planting of 2-hectare forest in Dzoraglukh Dzoraglukh, Aragatsotn 2021 A Tree For You
Provision of shredder to Organic Fruit Producers’ cooperative Shenik, Armavir 2021 Bread for the World
Repair of the Lusaghbyur village lavatory Lusaghbyur, Lori 2021 International Bank of Reconstruction and Development
Provision of agricultural machines to Pokr Masrik agro cooperative Pokr Masrik, Gegharkunik 2021 Bread for the World
Provision of agricultural machines for "Tavsho hatik" cooperative Norashen, Tavush 2021 Bread for the World
Co-financing of irrigation water network construction project in Lernantsk village Lernantsk, Lori 2021 Bread for the World
Establishing the grain processing workshop of Meghrashen cooperative and provision of processing equipment Meghrashen, Shirak 2021 UMCOR Armenia Foundation

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