Forest Rehabilitation Project on 7 ha of community land in Shenavan

Forest Rehabilitation on 7 ha of community land in Shenavan

Shenavan, Lori

The successful implementation of the project will stimulate the Government of the Republic of Armenia, NGOs, local authorities, and international organizations to engage in further and larger-scale community-based agroforest plantations.

110000 EUR

The project includes the plantation of 7 ha of agroforest in Shenavan village of Lori marz, provision of adequate irrigation, fencing of the area, as well as the plantation of a 415 m long windbreak on the northern edge of the community arable lands. 

Our approach is based on the active participation of local communities in the planning and implementation of the work.

Within the project, 28,000 trees will be planted on community land, with the main species being mixed forest species, conifers, wild fruit trees, shrubs, and berries.

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