Strengthening Shenavan

Like many communities in Armenia, the Shenavan community on the southern slope of the Bazum mountain range in the Lori region has many problems. But the important thing is that the community leadership and the locals are ready to overcome them. Thanks to our generous donors, this year we launched the "Support to the Integrated Development of Shenavan Community of Lori Province, RA" program, implementing reforms in several areas: education, culture, water supply, landscaping.


The 25 children of pre-school age from Shenavan did not have the opportunity to go to kindergarten. Because of this, their mothers could not go to work or engage in agriculture.

Together with the French organization AYO (Armenian Youth Organization), we started renovating 1 out of 4 facilities of the kindergarten building built after the 1988 earthquake and furnishing them with appropriate equipment.

The community is not left out organizing the renovation works on its own. Moreover, the head of the community expressed readiness to allocate funds from the community budget for the operation and maintenance of the kindergarten.

Gym and ballroom

In Shenavan 23 children go in for Sports, and 22 - dance. By the way, the dance group is quite active. The children participate in various events and regional festivals. And this is in the case when the gym and the dance hall are in dilapidated and miserable condition.

To ensure greater success for children in both areas, we began to raise funds for renovations. It was especially encouraging that here also the community was ready to support.

Irrigation improvement

The construction of a 2.6 km long waterline will help to irrigate the fields of Shenahavan without delays and water losses.

The construction of the water line is carried out within the framework of subsidy programs co-financed by the Government of the Republic of Armenia. With the support of Bread For the World, we have provided the community with insufficient money for co-financing the program.

The source of income of 146 farms of the community is the lands called "Bagher", covering an area of ​​52 hectares and 134 hectares of adjacent land plots. Due to the uninterrupted work of this water line, the residents will get a higher quantity and quality of the harvest.

Expansion of green areas

One of the primary needs of Shenavan is the absence of green areas. At the initiative of the community, we provided 500 saplings to be planted in the yard of the kindergarten, on the roads leading from the main highway to the village, and in the community cemetery.

In the spring of this year, a tree planting event took place in Shenavan. The saplings were planted with the active participation of the young people of the community, thus drawing their attention to environmental issues and nurturing care for the environment.

Thanks to the support of our loyal donors, as a result of the implementation of these programs, 545 residents of the Shenavan community will now benefit from an improved irrigation system, renovated educational, cultural, and sports infrastructures, and a greener community.