Irrigation System Renovation in Bazum

Social development
Bazum, Lori

There are 2 reservoirs with a capacity of 400 tons of water each in the Bazum settlement of the Pambak consolidated community, Lori Marz, since the times of the USSR. It was previously intended for drinking water, but it was never used for that purpose, and now the reservoirs are in a deplorable condition.

One of the reservoirs does not work at all, and the other is partially used due to its breakdown, as a result of which there is no possibility to store water and it is not possible to carry out effective water resource management. As a result most of the fields in the village with 1800 inhabitants remain dry.

In addition to the repair of reservoirs, it is planned to build about 1200m of new pipelines in order to irrigate about 40 acres of arid arable land.

The repair of reservoirs and the construction of a new pipeline will make it possible to effectively manage water resources, increase green zones, arable land, and contribute to the development of animal husbandry by having reservoirs.

The project became possible thanks to the generous monetary support made by Mr․ Vardan Jerian through the Western Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church.

Project Duration
2023 - 2024
Western Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church

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