Drinking Water to Khnatsakh

Social development
Khnatsakh, Syunik

As a result of the implementation of the project, we will have a completely clean and pleasant settlement, which has a great perspective in the field of tourism development. The execution of the project is also of great strategic importance, because by restoring the infrastructure of the border settlement, we have created favorable conditions for the people living here, so that they do not leave their homes and continue to live and create in this land, keeping their native borders strong.

17000 EUR

Khnatsakh with its 550 inhabitants is one of the seven settlements of Tegh consolidated community. Like all the settlements of Tegh, Khnatsakh is also bordering.

Khnatsakh needs drinking water and sump pump upgrade. In order to implement this project, it is necessary to have a new and powerful water pump in the existing small water basin, which will allow to accumulate the necessary amount of water during the day with up to 8 hours of active work, and after that to deliver the water to the residents of the village, as well as to conduct a new one up to 450 m. along the water line, avoiding possible losses.

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