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Lobbying and Advocacy

As in any post-Soviet country, in Armenia, the legislation system is not fully based on democratic principles and internationally accepted values. This has a negative impact on the economic development of rural communities, creating apathy among the population, especially the young generation. This is the reason that Shen is involved in lobbying and advocacy activities towards the improvement of legislation at the level of Parliamentary and Constitutional Court decisions.

Successfully Amended Laws։


The role of the agricultural cooperatives, producer groups, and marketing groups in rural areas is significant for Armenia, considering that agriculture is one of the key sectors of economic development and agriculture is the main source of income for the majority of the rural population. In this regard, the improvement of the legal basis for the establishment and operation of agricultural cooperatives was a vital problem. As a result of the continued lobbying and advocacy activities of the project in collaboration with the Agricultural Alliance of Armenia (Shen NGO has been a co-chair) and the Agrarian University of Armenia, the Tax Code of Armenia was improved.


Current Goal

Identification of shortcomings and gaps in the legislative framework of the agricultural sector. 

Specific objective

Reveal the legal framework and policy constraints that cause issues in improving the efficiency and modernization of agricultural production and disruptions in public service provision in the field. The target areas include but are not limited to the design and implementation of the land consolidation program, taxation of agriculture and agricultural processing, control of quarantine diseases of crops strategic for Armenia, improvement of agriculture extension services, updating and/or introducing new state assistance programs to support smallholders based on the specifics of beneficiary provinces, etc. To fulfill this objective, we have planned the following activities:

  • Lobbying and advocacy campaigns (joint workshops, public debates, media events) to generate a public agenda, discussion, and substantial debate on existing issues and to promote policy recommendations formulated in policy papers
  • Organization of conferences and round table discussions involving different stakeholders (state, regional and local authorities, employment agencies, educational institutions (including VETs), regional and national media, sectorial coalitions of CSOs (i.e. Agricultural Alliance)) to generate productive policy dialogue to promote the proposed improvements
  • Preparation of policy papers with specific recommendations and strategies
  • Provision of technical assistance and consultancy to relevant governmental institutions in drafting amendments to in laws and governmental by-laws.

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