Renovation of Metsavan kindergarten

Social development
Metsavan, Lori

As a result of the project, the renovated hall will be used as a playroom, and the current playroom will be used as a bedroom. This will immediately enable the 48 children waiting in line to attend kindergarten.

20000 EUR

Metsavan settlement is located in Tashir consolidated community, 62 km from the regional center. The number of household in the settlement is 1460, and the total population is 5654. After September 2023, the population increased by another 380 people who were forcibly displaced from Artsakh.

"World of Colors" kindergarten operates in Metsavan attended by 32 children. Yet 30 children from Metsavan and 18 children from 80 forcibly displaced families are waiting for their turn to attend the kindergarten.

Kindergarten has a previously renovated building with a heating system, half of which is the kitchen, and the other half was previously used as a hall, because the hall planned by the project is in need of repair.

The purpose of the project is to repair the floor of the hall, repair the walls of the hall and the canteen, thermal insulation from the outside and build a ventilation system, build a roof waterproofing system for the hall and the canteen.

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